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Hello :) I just wanna say is that I like your blog and you're very beautiful <3

Thank you!


hot sauce to go. the mediocre Tabasco in these adorable mini bottles were dumped out and replaced by my fathers homemade #trini #peppersauce. so yes, I will be that fat girl that carries her own condiments in her purse…so don’t act surprised!

luv thy neighbor 
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Sailing to the Stars - by: (Ismail Atiev)

Curry mile, Rusholme, Manchester….

Rusholme (Curry Mile) at night. Generally how it looks coming home on the night bus through drunk eyes, except it’s normally a bit less pretty through a grimey, steamed-up bus window.


Let’s appreciate the beauty that will be my university in the fall.

No matter what weakness you think you may have, no matter what inadequacies or setbacks you’ve encountered, God wants to give you His divine strength! He wants to make up the difference and put you further ahead than you ever thought possible. One time in the Old Testament, God simply multiplied the sound of four men’s footsteps and caused them to sound like a mighty army. When their enemies heard them, they took off running. There were thousands of enemy troops running for their lives, scared to death, thinking they were being attacked by a massive army when, in fact, it was just four people! What happened? God made up the difference.
Friend, God can make you seem bigger than you really are. He can make you look more powerful. He knows how to multiply your influence, your strength, your talent and your income. You don’t have to figure it all out; all you have to do is put your trust in Him. If you will release your faith for a supernatural year and wake up every day expecting God’s far and beyond favor, then you’re going to see God show up and make the difference in every area of your life!